Our Product

We often do experiments, a few successful ones become a product!

Analyze with undeniable truth

Empowering organizations and individuals with authentic, AI-driven insights to revolutionize talent management, ensuring every professional journey is recognized, respected, and represented in its truest form.

Talent - Discovery, Analysis, Retention and beyond!

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Brayn is our Brain child!

Brayn is a B2B product used by SMEs to Visualize, Analyse and also predict their Data. Any customer can use and make use of brayn with no prior knowledge in statistics or technology

A B2C product is coming soon!

Our Services

It is simple, Think App, Think Us!

Business Automation

We automate your business operations by replacing sluggish or routine processes with speed enabled intelligent technologies. A way to avoid human errors

Customer Experience

Bring powerful Customer Support, Engagement and Fulfilment tools together to build a complete intelligent customer Solution. A way to avoid overheads

Intelligent Applications

We build Machine Learning powered custom Web & Mobile applications. By integrating your scattered Data together we build more accurate Artificially Intelligent Apps

Blockchain Enabled

Enrich your application by engraving assets into decentralized, distributed private ledger technology that records the provenance of a digital asset

Cyber Security

Save, Secure and Protect data & assets of your application with our expertise and industry's best practices in fighting against unauthorized tresspassing or attacks

Vision Powered

In a nutshell, you need us if your idea deals anywhere with camera, image or video and if your App or a Service embraces it. We are excited to work on your VR/AR projects

With our team members in the US, UK, and India, we are practically 24x6!

We have a few success stories to brag!

Our Tool Factory

Paracetamol for fever

In this homosapiens ruled world there were two things invented long ago which led to mind blowing inventions down the lane. One being spear and other being bicycle and each serving its own purposes. Here is an example of screwdriver, It is a tool which solves a specific problem. They are produced in a way back to back to solve the same problem. Now be it cutting plier or a hand held wrench, these are the tools which usually go in your toolbox and solves specific problems individually or Collectively.

Quanscendence Tool Factory is a mass technology based tool manufacturing unit. We make a specific tool to solve your specific problem inculcating machine learning algorithms to reduce your overhead charges, also by driving it through Blockchain technology and protecting it by Cybersecurity practices. Be fascinated by our fastest turnaround from the point of order till deployment. Track entire tool life cycle in complete digital process. We are also excited to serve you 24/7 and with a guarantee to respond your query tickets within 4 hours of creation.

Our Consultation Services

Tech with Steroids


We layout a plan which fits rightly for your technological requirements. We fuse software development and IT operations aiming to achieve a short system development lifecycle by providing CI/CD and complementing it by Agile methodology.

Tech Architecture

We conceptualize your technological needs for your application, and design the structure, behavior & more views representing the system in the organized way

Project Supervision

You have a tech idea and you have a tech team, but you need our experts to drive a project. Outsource the cross validations, testing strategies, KPIs & KRAs to our experts. Be stress free, let us oversee your project completion